Health and Safety Procedures

As guests, St. Louis Metro Boxing Showdown and Enterprise Center team members are working together to promote the health and safety of everyone, the event will feature several new procedures:

These new measures include:

· Everybody will receive (in advance) a credential/ticket to enter the facility

· Each group will have an assigned entrance

· Prior to entering the facility everyone will have their temperature checked and asked survey questions (admission will be refused if guidelines are not met)

· Be given a mask and sanitizer

· All food and beverages will be self-contained

· Masks are required at all times, except when in a suite or eating and drinking at a table

· Social distancing will be observed throughout the facility

· There will be no loitering in the atrium or hallways and no roaming around the facility

· Contact tracing will be enforced

· Abuse of these guidelines will result in removal from the facility

"A huge thank you to the St. Louis Department of Health, the St. Louis City Fire Department, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and The Enterprise Center for working with the St. Louis Metro Boxing Showdown team to help prepare the safety guidelines" "We're taking a multi-pronged approach to hosting this event, after considering the guidance of various authorities and health agencies, and recommendations from our team of health and safety experts."
- Steve Holley
  Executive Director

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